Steph Scott

Steph Scott

A huge thank you to everyone who voted for me to be the new Chelmsford City Councillor for the Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon Ward in the 2022 by-election. In the 2023 local elections I was delighted to once again, be elected as a Ward Councillor for our villages.

At times throughout the campaign it didn’t feel like I was fighting an election, more like I was meeting old friends, – and making new ones – as door after door that I knocked on, from behind, a friendly face would appear. You see, I’ve been living in the ward since 2005 when I first moved to Danbury with my husband John and our two daughters.

We later moved to Little Baddow and I’ve been actively involved in our local community ever since.Some of you will know me from the Little Baddow Voluntary Community Care Group,. Others will know me as part of the small team that created the first Little Baddow Festival, bringing residents from Little Baddow, Danbury and Sandon together after pandemic restrictions were lifted.

For more than 25 years I worked with charities supporting children and adults living with physical and neurological conditions, helping them to raise awareness and funding. Since 2015, I’ve volunteered for The Alzheimer’s Society Essex, helping to build Dementia Friendly Communities.

I have been a Little Baddow Parish Councillor since August 2021 and combining this role with that of a Chelmsford City Councillor, I am honoured to represent the ward on a wider level.

Chatting to residents in all three villages, it is clear to me that people are proud to live in Little Baddow, Danbury or Sandon and, that collectively we have a great community spirit. There are lots of local issues about which you care, so, if it matters to you it matters to me.

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