Withdrawn motion at City Council regarding health infrastructure

Chelmsford City Council is holding a Full Council meeting this evening (July 17th) and the agenda shows a Motion to Council submitted by Councillor Mike Steel, Member for Broomfield and the Walthams.

It was a non-political Motion, asking that the health authorities work even more closely with the City Council to utilise funds available from developers to provide more, much needed, health facilities.

However the Administration wanted to politicise the Motion, and so Mike has sadly had to withdraw it.

Given that today’s King’s Speech will undoubtedly feature planning as a key item, it is essential that our residents get the much-needed infrastructure that is necessary if new homes are to be built.

Here is our press release.

“Liberal Democrat Leader Cllr Stephen Robinson attempted to wreck Cllr Mike Steel’s Motion to Chelmsford City Council Meeting this evening by adding political statements to Mike’s original wording. Mike is very disappointed at this, as his Motion was entirely non-political and simply trying to get the local Health authorities to work more closely with the City’s excellent planners to increase the health facilities for our residents. Mike is keen to progress what we as City Council can do, here and now, to increase primary care facilities, rather than just revert to the usual political blame game.

Although it is not possible for the City Council to directly dictate the provision of new doctors’ and dentists‘ surgeries, Members can and do ensure that such infrastructure is included in all the major planning applications (for example, at the new Beaulieu development) but Mike’s Motion went beyond that to facilitate and encourage the health service to set up such surgeries.

Cllr Steel has reluctantly withdrawn his Motion to Council to stop political statements spoiling what was a genuine cross-party attempt to improve health facilities in Chelmsford, but will continue to fight for these in his role as both a City and County Councillor.”

After the General Election

Election Image


So, we find ourselves looking at a new political landscape after a General Election that was, for any Conservative, and by any measure, painful.

It would have been naïve of any Conservative to have expected anything but a defeat; but the extent of Thursday’s losses were perhaps more punishing than any of us had feared.

It was, however, reassuring to see Kemi Badenoch and Sir John Whittingdale returned to parliament, albeit with much reduced majorities.

Elsewhere, I was saddened to see Vicky Ford lose her Chelmsford seat. Vicky has worked tirelessly for Chelmsford, securing funding for the Army & Navy replacement and the new railway station at Beaulieu.

I wish Marie Goldman well in her new role. Vicky Ford will be a tough act to follow; and it’s fair to say that meetings of  Chelmsford City Council and Essex County Council won’t be the same without her.

It’s now back to ‘business as usual’. I will be attending a meeting of Essex County Council on Tuesday, followed by a Town Council committee meeting that evening.

Local councillors at at all levels, are focussed on the needs of their communities and while, at District and County Council levels, we align ourselves in political groups, we didn’t party during lockdown, we simply got on with the business of running our County.

Now, as anyone who knows me will know, I’ve been a petrolhead since my early teens, and it’s time for the British Grand Prix.

Cllr. Bob Massey

Vicky Ford

Vicky Ford Campaign LaunchVicky Ford is working hard seeking re-election in the 2024 General Election
She and dozens and dozens of activists have been delivering and knocking on doors all around Chelmsford.
Vicky is a hard-working MP who, despite the pressures of representing our nation internationally, has consistently represented the residents of Chelmsford.
We will work our socks off over the next 6 weeks to see Vicky Ford re-elected here in Chelmsford.
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