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Conservative Councillor for Waterhouse Farm

Malcolm Watson

Malcolm is 67 years old, has been married for 46 years and has two children and 2 grandchildren. He has lived in Essex all his life and moved to Writtle in 1996 from where he commuted to work in London in the finance industry until his early retirement in 2002. He has been an active local volunteer for the Conservative party for many years and stood and was elected for the first time in 2011 in Waterhouse Farm Ward and was successfully re-elected again in May 2015. Malcolm continues to believe that it is, particularly in these times of financial constraint, important to get good value for tax-payers money and it is only the Conservative group that has the necessary experience and financial acumen to manage Chelmsford’s finances in such a way as to deliver these efficiencies whilst maintaining and improving the services the Council provides to our residents.

Since being elected Malcolm has sat on a number of committees of the Council where he believes his business and financial management background has added to the pool of knowledge within the Administration. He now sits on the following committees:-

  • Audit
  • Development Policy
  • Treasury management sub-committee

On matters directly affecting the residents of the Waterhouse Farm Ward, Malcolm has been dealing with a number of planning issues and parking problems in various parts of the Ward where parking restrictions for the benefit of residents by deterring commuters have been introduced. Litter is another major problem in some parts of the ward and Malcolm does try to get this cleared as soon as possible.

Malcolm is also a Director of the Chelmsford based Credit Union, Essex Savers.

You can contact Malcolm by email here.