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Conservative Councillor for Lawns Ward

Julia Jeapes - Chelmsford Conservatives

I have lived and worked in the Chelmsford area for over forty years, serving for 30 years as a Police Officer and, between 2005 and 2015, I was honoured to be Chelmsford Divisional Commander. Upon my retirement I was asked to continue to work for Essex Police, using my knowledge to support improvements to the service and help bring down crime. Chelmsford continues to have a very low rate of crime compared to other cities in the UK.

I am married with two grown-up children and am soon to become a grandmother. I fully understand the tensions and stresses of working parents and some of the issues facing our young people.

My background has given me an invaluable insight into community issues and the financial pressures that public services are under. It has also provided me with experience of partnership working and local problem solving.

These continue to be difficult times in terms of improving services in an environment that meets public expectations. I believe that hard working people should benefit from their contributions and that the vulnerable should be appropriately supported.

I am also passionate about our environment and making sure we do everything we can to set, and keep, high standards. I am committed to working with and for local people to achieve services that meet their needs, and ask you to give me the opportunity to use my skills and continue to work for the local community as a City Councillor for the Lawns Ward.

In October 2015, Julia was appointed to the City Council Cabinet, with responsibility for Leisure, including the redevelopment of the City’s ‘Riverside Centre’.