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Conservative Councillor for St Andrews Ward

Peter Cousins - Conservative Candidate for Chelmsford - St Andrews

I am Peter Cousins, born raised and educated in Chelmsford and Essex.  As a Chelmsfordian all my life I have seen many and varied extensive changes to the Borough, now, City.  But what makes me especially proud of becoming your representative since 2010 is the manner in which our City Council has managed the current financial tsunami that has swept over the public finances.  Our City has, and continues to provide, the best possible support for our residents even at times of severe cuts in Government grants and I am pleased to say that my residents appear to be exceptionally appreciative of this reality.

I am married to Margaret, a school teacher, with two children that have now fled the nest and have worked primarily in IT for a number of disparate companies that include financial services, charities and public services, that is, once I had left Hoffmann.  At present I have a role at our local University in their Computing and Technology Department.

I serve on the Overview and Scrutiny where I can indeed focus on ensuring that our Council is indeed delivering value for money. My particular interests centre around the care for vulnerable people and issues arising from the use of motor cars, be it to do with traffic, parking or road condition – given that my usual mode of transport around Chelmsford is a bicycle.

Outside politics I pursue an active research profile, enjoy reading and listening to music but mostly interact with computers especially when it involves my model trains.