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Conservative Councillor for Springfield North

Susan Sullivan

Susan is Essex born and bred and has enjoyed living in Springfield with her husband for over thirty years. She works for the Ford Motor Company in Essex in a commercial management role. Susan’s great interests are the performing arts, music in particular, and since childhood following Ipswich Town FC.

She is committed to the success of our city and believes in contributing to the community where she lives. Currently chairman of Springfield Parish Council, Susan has aimed to enhance community facilities, improve service levels and ensure value for money. She was involved in the planning and development of the successful Springfield Library and Café and in the Springfield Road / Pump Lane junction, which has proved to be of major benefit to local residents.

Susan believes that councillors should have the highest ethical standards, operate with integrity and demonstrate practical wisdom and mature judgement.

Susan is determined to represent the long-term interests of the residents of North Springfield with optimism for the future.