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Conservative Councillor for Patching Hall Ward


Has lived and worked in Chelmsford for more than 30 years, working freelance as a Chartered Engineer and Surveyor, involved in new developments and the restoration of old buildings.

Formally he was a Senior Surveyor for the Greater London Council, with special responsibilities for council owned housing improvements, regeneration and youth training.

Later in the London boroughs, Michael was responsible for volume housing construction, high rise developments, inner city regeneration programmes and maintenance of the Council housing stock, before relocating to Chelmsford.

He is a long-standing member of the British Academy of Composers and Authors, and he is an accomplished writer.

He has previously served on Chelmsford Council as elected member for Danbury and Little Baddow.

Michael has interests in conservation and he has been an active facilitator for the local Housing Associations, especially in the area of homelessness.

He is a family man with a son and three daughters, all living in Chelmsford.

As a City Councillor, Michael is a member of The Full Council, The Planning Committee and the Local Highways Panel.

Personal Message:  

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to serve the people of Patching Hall for the next four years.

I will seek to improve the quality of life and sense of community within our ward and beyond, especially for the elderly and more vulnerable members of our society.

In partnership with my Conservative ward colleague, Jon De Vries, I can promise the people of Patching Hall a strong, productive voice at the very centre of Chelmsford’s highly successful Conservative administration.