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Conservative Councillor for Moulsham Lodge Ward

I live in Moulsham and have a genuine passion for local politics. I was born in Chelmsford and after living in London returned to the area ten years ago. I am married with two young children. I, my wife and my children attend/ attended schools in Chelmsford. I went on to Loughborough University where I studied Politics with Economics. I now work in human resources in London and enjoy (!) a daily commute, so understand the problems that rail users have suffered in recent years.

Having grown up in Chelmsford and now living back in the City I have noticed a huge amount of change, but it is important that the infrastructure keeps up with the changes and that the City Council responds to the needs of its residents. I am determined to be a positive influence.

Conservative policies have meant that Chelmsford has no borrowings and the money to rebuild Riverside Sports & Leisure Centre and bring further improvements to the City over the next four years. With three generations of my family living in Moulsham it really matters to me what is done and why.