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The City of Chelmsford's New Logo

Anthony McQuigganI am a new councillor for this area with a strong electoral mandate for change.  

I currently serve as a Galleywood Heritage Centre Trustee, and on the committees of the Galleywood Common Association and am an active member of the Galleywood Historical Society.

As your Conservative councillor in Goat Hall I am actively involved in Chelmsford life and a keen promoter to encourage the enhancement of the city as a great place to live and work.

I am actively protecting Goat Hall against major planning issues, and will continue to fight to keep the green spaces paths and environment so that they can be used to the full.

I will continue to help improve traffic conditions along the B1007 into Galleywood and the city as well as Watchouse road, obtaining speed restrictions and parking controls on local roads where there is local need.

I am always willing to assist any resident with problems of planning, housing & parking and I am especially keen to help older or younger residents and small businesses.