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Nicolette Chambers – Conservative Councillor for Chelmsford Rural West

Nicolette Chambers - Conservative Candidate for Chelmsford Rural West

Nicolette Chambers has lived in Chelmsford Rural West for many years. She was elected to Chelmsford Borough Council in 2003.  For the last eight years Nicolette has served on the Planning committee, Development Policy committee, the Constitution Panel and the Standards committee.  She became a cabinet member in 2008 acquiring the portfolio for Corporate Services.

The last eight years have been varied and busy – Nicolette has attended in excess of 200 parish council meetings and she has held over 100 ward surgeries to ensure that she continues to support her local residents she quotes “it is the people that matter, I am just an advocate of the people, they speak, I listen and I act for them”.

Nicolette current lives in the Easters, prior to that she lived in Roxwell where she was a Governor of Roxwell School in 2007.  She joined the Roxwell Parish Council in 2010.  She is passionate about her work as a Borough Councillor and it is clear she thrives on hard work.

Nicolette is a director of a Chelmsford-based company.  She plays an important part in promoting awareness of the law relating to community care and elderly issues and is often asked to write articles for the press.  She is married and has two grown-up children.

You can contact Nicolette by email here.